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[2016-03-29] Are we entering a new age of SEO?
Sound familiar? Well it’s not all that new a concept. People have been ringing the SEO-is-dead bell for years. Long live SEO. However two “facts” are clear. The first is that the basics of SEO have not changed much in a decade. I even wrote about this a year ago, so it must be true.

[2016-02-22] Update: The Complete Guide to Mastering Duplicate Content Issues
There is little doubt that duplicate content on a site can be one of the biggest battles an SEO has to fight against. Too many content management systems are designed for and work great with various types of content, but they don’t always have the best architecture in regards to how that content is implemented...

[2016-01-19] Twitter Working On Another User-Based Ad Format
Twitter is reportedly working on a new ad format that would enable advertisers to utilize tweets from regular users and promote them. This is according to DigiDay, which cites people who got a look at the offering at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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